Don’t Let Remodeling Ruin Your Love Life!

One of the pitfalls of remodeling is the stress that spills over into the relationship.  A certain percentage of remodels end relationships because, let’s face it, living through a remodel is stressful.  So, it is not surprising that stress is going to affect those involved with the remodel.  Hence, communication is key. Each person involved with the remodel should talk about how they are going to handle their remodel before starting the planning process. A few key starter questions to ask are:

  • Does everyone involved with the remodel share the same vision?
  • Will you stay in your home during construction?
  • Are you willing to be inconvenienced (i.e. no hot water, no kitchen, etc.) for an extended period of time?

Answering these questions separately before comparing notes is ideal. While you may be shocked by how different your visions and expectations are for the final product, that’s great because the first roadblock to a successful project has been uncovered. Also, the least expensive time to iron out differences is before retaining the services of architects, 3-D modeling experts or a contractor.  Asking these and other project related questions will help you come to a consensus on the “must-haves,” the  “nice-to-haves” and the “I-can-live-without-that” elements. Most importantly, you will avoid the tug of war around trying to build one project from two (or more) mentally incompatible images, a process that can result in high cost overruns and fractured relationships.  So, instead of rushing to get to the finish line, take the extra time to clarify your visions and chart a clear course of action.

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