Top 10 Remodeling Questions

1. Is Renovation Planners a contractor?

Renovation Planners is NOT a contractor. We are a certified construction management firm working on YOUR behalf during every stage of your project.

2. What is a construction manager?

A construction manager is someone in your corner looking out for YOUR interests while coordinating every step of the remodeling process. He/She possesses the managerial skills of Lee Iacocca, the force of will of General Patton, and the patience of Job.

3. What’s the difference between a contractor and a construction manager?

A construction manager’s insight, experience, guidance, and complete loyalty are essential to ensure that YOUR best interests are always the prime consideration for every decision made throughout the remodeling process. This is not the case with many contractors because they are looking out for their own best interests and as a result are not providing unbiased advice.

4. Why would I hire a construction manager?

Homeowners that attempt to go it alone: who don’t understand the importance of proper pre-planning; who don’t take the time to do the due diligence needed to choose a reputable contractor for their project and fail to constantly monitor their project once building begins, are virtually guaranteed to run into problems, delays, and budget busting surprises.

5. How can working with a construction manager save me time and money?

Thousands of decisions and details: that’s the reality of a home remodel. Construction managers handle most of the daily decisions that have to be made about your project, especially once construction begins. They’re on site to facilitate and handle the daily communication between you and your contractor, cutting down on costly delays, and budget busting cost overruns, saving you thousands of dollars and countless hours.

6. What is remodel consulting?

Remodel consulting provides you with the opportunity to hire a construction manager on an ala-carte basis. Remodel consulting is for homeowners who have general questions or are looking for focused advice on a single topic such as getting clear on your vision and establishing a plan of action, formulating a realistic budget, screen contractors or managing your project during construction.

7. What’s the difference between remodel coaching and remodel consulting?

Both remodel coaching and remodel consulting involve the use of a skilled, trained construction manager to assist you in achieving your remodeling goals. Remodel coaching involves guiding you through the remodeling process with you taking on all the action to achieve your remodeling goals and fulfill your dreams. Coaches do none of the work. Remodel consulting, on the other hand, focuses on accomplishing very specific remodeling goals. Consultants take care of specific work for you.

8. How do I know if working with Renovation Planners is right for me?

If you answered ‘No’ to any of these questions:
1) Have you ever been involved with a major remodeling project?
2) Are you able to clearly articulate what you want?
3) Do you know how to formulate a realistic remodeling budget?
4) Do you understand both the design and construction processes?
5) Do you know how to select a designer or builder that is right for your project?
6) Do you have time or money to waste?

9. Should I remodel or move?

The decision to remodel or move is a personal choice. When considering your options, be sure to factor in the total cost of selling your current home. These costs include real estate commissions, points and loan fees, escrow costs, moving costs, and some improvements at the new home just to make it livable and may not necessarily meet your needs. Improving the aesthetics and livability of your current home may prove to be more valuable and more convenient.